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24-29 March - Exhibition open daily 2-6pm

26 and 27 March - Opening events 2-9pm


Eva Alter Ildikó Buckley Flávio Degen Charlie Franklin Corrina Goutos Marco Meiran Amy Stephens David Wojtowycz

Performances featuring: KlaRco The New Coma


And the mountains shall drop sweet wine and the hills shall melt. And they shall build the waste cities and live in them." – The Orb

This group exhibition features the work of ten artists from Berlin, Hamburg and London, who were invited on a journey into another dimension. Taking place in the crumbling beauty of the Rathenau Hallen Schöneweide, the show alludes to a long lost time somewhere in the future, where the relics of now are displayed.

A monolith is presented as a suspended, ephemeral image, taken at the archaeological site of Palaipafos, the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty. Fragments of material culture fuse with vital matter in compost compositions within an installation of crushed up laptops and mobile phones.

An array of colourful plastic objects creates a continuous cycle of organisation and chaos. Large TVs are abandoned and turned on their sides with fractured screens of kaleidoscopic imagery that resonate music whilst nearby, a landscape of huge silver rock like forms populate the vast space.

Psychedelic visuals collide with collaged magazines that have been painstakingly deconstructed and reconstructed. Abstract paintings and painted books fill the scene reminiscent of some beautiful apocalypse where these everyday objects bear silent witness to another time.


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