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Rear Window

A solo exhibition by Soji Shimizu

23 - 28 February 2021

Soji Shimizu is interested in the forms, conventions, and manners of ‘painting’ and ‘exhibition’, and in the practice of deconstructing and replacing them, he considers what he choose to do and what his attitudes and ways of being is. He builds on this interest to develop his work primarily as paintings, photographs, objects, texts and installations.

The series of paintings entitled 'Drive', which Shimizu has been working on since 2019, draws attention to the qualities of a car that is both private/ public and moving, and depicts perspectives that cross gaze on the ins and outs of that car. The point of view that switches with each painting suggests an obscure subject and asks who is on this side. By painted in monochrome in one or two selected color(s), it on reflection strongly indicates the possibility of other colors, and also tells us that it is not a complete being with everything, but only one perspective.

*This exhibition is only open to the public online with no physical audience, in accordance with lockdown regulations. For the online publication, this has been achieved using Uttzs, a service being developed as part of Panasonic's Game Changer Catapult project.


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