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Michele Caliari

David Breun

Vernissage: 26.11.2021, 19:00h

Opening Hours:

27-28 November 2021, 16:00-20:00h

Treptow Ateliers / Wilhelminenhofstraße 83-85, 12459 Berlin

What drives Michele Caliari as a photographer is a phenomenological approach. Of course, the fact that he comes from a mountainous region also influences him. It is the confrontation with a landscape, to which he feels strongly attached. For his photography he relates to the scientific photography of the nineteenth century. At that time, the mountain was presented with a directness that shows its beauty, but also its naked brutality. The “beautiful mountains” are, at the same moment, an image of awe and fear. But, however personal that image is, what still remains, is the pureness of nature: «We like to be out in nature so much because it has no opinion about us». (F. Nietzsche, 1878) The photographer David Breun shows detailed large shots taken with a high-resolution digital camera. He does not want to depict the beauty of the landscape, but goes into detail, shows structures, colors and particulars. You can literally feel the elements and minerals that have shaped the face of our earth. The often rough and barren landscape has a subtle play of colors and so this mostly inhumane nature always has a fascinating beauty inherent in it. Furthermore, he is showing a video installation of the current project `Elements´ in the exhibition »TERRA«.


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