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The Unseen Eyebeam*/Cyanotype Workshop

On Sunday 12/12, from 12:00-18:30pm, I' ll be giving a cyanotype workshop at my studio in Schöneweide, Berlin. Get your chance to make some beautiful self made blue prints! ** During the workshop you will learn how to create cyanotypes on paper and textile. You will have the opportunity to carry out various experiments and try the different possibilities of the process. You will learn some tricks and tips to create an artistic result and also have the opportunity to learn how to add toning to the cyanotypes by using easy natural ingredients to change the hue of them. ** We will work with photograms (objects in direct contact with the photosensitive paper) or digital negatives (inverted black/ white photos inkjet-printed on transparencies). Previous technical knowledge of the process is not required. ** I will provide you with aquarelle papers and textiles, but feel free to bring your own papers and cotton textiles as well. There will also be digital negatives provided, but you may also bring your own ones if you want to print photos from your archive. At the end of the workshop you will have at least 5 self-made cyanotypes on paper and at least 1 print on textile. Goal of the workshop is that the participants can integrate it in their own further practice.

COST: The cost of the workshop is 90€/per participant. For unemployed, students and holders of the Berlin Pass there is a reduced cost of 55€.

PARTICIPANTS: The number of participants will be limited to 5 people.

REGISTRATION: If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please write me an email to: or call me: +49 17634684593

ABOUT ME: I'm a visual artist, working passionately since 2015 with cyanotypes. The cyanotype process allows me to create images that respond rather to inner schemes than images of the actual world. It's a process that makes me slow down, work in a physical way with my materials and maintain a balance between control and letting go.For me it's a fascinating process, as the energy of light is transformed to matter. I feel the final images carry this tranformation in them.

ADDRESS: Wilhelminenhofstrasse 83-85, 124 59 Treptow Ateliers e.V First floor, Studio 7, Elena Karakitsou


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