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Sabatino Cersosimo was born in Turin in 1974. He studied advertising design and then received a Degree in Decoration at the Academy of Fine Arts of Turin in 1999. Since 2011 he lives in Berlin where he works in his atelier in the eastern area Treptow.

With his psychological and relational complexity, man is the center of Sabatino’s interest.


Following a line that has its roots in a certain expressionist painting (especially the Viennese Secession) but evolves through the modern painful mediterranean and english realism, he uses basically two techniques. He paints with oil on chipboard (of which he appreciates the compositional and texture possibilities that the structure allows itself) and, starting almost for accident in summer 2012, on steel with the contribution of oxidations (and sometimes bitumen) obtained with water and other natural elements. Such oxidations act on the metal through their (almost) uncontrollability, as well as time acts on human condemning him to the physical and psychological decadence.

Sabatino Cersosimo

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